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Augmented Reality

I have been commissioned to create several Augmented Reality trails over the last three years.

May 2022- Space4Autism Art Trail at Teggs Nose- a highly successful trail featuring the digital and analogue artwork of S4A members using trigger images placed outside o in the park itself.  Artwork was based on the plants, birds and insects in that environment. The trail was then displayed in Macclesfield Library on display then moved for exhibition in Crewe.

January 2022- Chinese New Year. Local Macclesfield children created drawings of the CNY animals. I reimagined the drawings in virtual reality, videoed them and used the Chinese animal symbols as trigger images. The trigger images were placed in the windows of local businesses  to create a trail

November 2021- The Tunnicliffe Trail. Three drawing workshops provided inspiration for the Tunnicliffe trail. These drawings were translated into Virtual Reality, videoed and then we used copies of the original Tunnicliffe paintings as trigger imagaes. These were placed in the windows of local businesses in Macclesfield.

January 2021- The Chinese New year AR trail. Inspired by drawings by local Macclesfield residents.This was created online due to lockdown.

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