Immersive Art

Jacki has created Immersive art experiences and visual stories throughout her professional life,

most recently being 'Light In Dark Places' and 'Submerged'.March-April 2020 exhibited in the 'World Takes A Breath'

online exhibition. Created in virtual reality using Tiltbrush and presented through video.

Her Augmented Reality piece 'Blue Diadem' was selected for the XR Art show in San Diego, February 2020 and the Buxton Open March 2020.

 'Gawain and The Green Knight' 2019, was a collaboration with the 154 Collective for the LIT Festival in Macclesfield which drawn in Virtual Reality and videoed. The 154 Collective then edited it and added the sound tracking. It was presented as part of the Gawain and Green Knight trail in West Park, Macclesfield in a booth as a 'peep show'.. the viewer had to peer through a drilled hole in order to see it.

 She conceived and created 'Whisper of Moths' 2019 in collaboration with IDST where recycled plastic 'moths' (created by local school children through workshops) were suspended in a church with fishing twine so that the light from the stained glass windows interacted with them. IDST put motion sensors in place so that a whispering sound track was triggered as people walked through and underneath.

 'En Nour' in 2018 was created for the Barnaby Arts Festival using the theme 'Roots/Routes' and used sketches, smell, found objects, assemblage and video incorporating recorded on site sound and early vr tiltbrush work to give a sensation of a sailing journey to the Scilly Isles.

She uses a broad range of media to deliver and in the last two years this has included VR and 360 video.

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