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The Buxton Open did not happen physically as we were put on lockdown. However it went ahead on online and exhibited my 'Blue Diadem' opening night though! Maybe later.

Sadly Barnaby Arts festival has been cancelled..Unofficially...several of my workshops and art sessions 'postponed'.

But thankfully, having the foresight to get a new laptop in the nick of time has paid off. I have managed to set up at home and continue with online art sessions and create in VR. They all have a bit of a Covid inspired flavour to them. Firstly the Lowry inspired City Life..

I have been accepted as an ARize creator and two pieces of work have been accepted for the online exhibition 'The World Takes a Breath'.

Firstly, 'Submerged (In a Covid Sea)'

Followed by 'Light in Dark Places'

There are several more interesting projects on the go. And the incredible opportunity to fast track my skills.

Incredibly sad times but theres always....

Light in Dark Places.


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