• Jacki Clark

Watermill Cove to St Martins 

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

We sailed from Porth Cressa to Watermill Cove as the winds turned SW.

Watermill is secluded with no facilities at all..Perfect.

It is also just next to an excellent example of a burial chamber at Innsidgen (And an amazing swing) A short walk takes you to the Bronze Age village and another excellent example of a burial chamber.

Phone signal was pretty much non existent. Our last night supper was sea bass caught on a line just by the boat.

Managed to do some digital sketches, short vids and some 360.

We left Watermill about 8.30 this morning and sailed round the outside of the Eastern isles and st Martin's to drop down into Team Sound.

Artwork didn't happen. But tomorrow we plan to go to Team, one of our favourite islands. Maybe time then


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