• Jacki Clark

Still in Lockdown (but easing...)

I haven't seen my studio for what appears to be a long long time, getting used to working in my bedroom. Its given me the space and opportunity to explore the subtler side of Tiltbrush..some days highly motivated others not so.

Most of the artwork has focused on aspects of the lockdown- The Beltane Bride, Wheres Wally 2020? and Rapunzel in Lockdown.

I have also had the time to explore ways of creating 3D virtual reality portraiture-very time consuming but with interesting results.

Rapunzel in Lockdown

The Beltane Bride

The first version was blonde, and transformed into AR; showcased on Instagram by ARize platform.

This was reworked as an AR piece, changing the hair to red and making her pregnant as she represents hope, fire, fertility and growth.

Where's Wally 2020?

These contain photos from other sources- I dont know who the photographers are so will eventually replace them with drawn images-or photos I can take myself (Cant exactly go out to do own photos under the circumstances!) Also Wheres Wally is a trademark so unsure whether I can really use it!


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