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Visual Development Artist Portfolio



About Jacki Clark Arts

Jacki Clark is an active fine arts professional in Cheshire. She works in a variety of medium; blending digital and immersive techniques with fine art to tell a personal narrative through her work. Translating a variety of artistic skills through numerous solo, community and collaborative projects, she's worked to make a reputable name for herself in the industry. Take a look at her selected works, and get in touch for more information.



Tiltbrush, Quill and Masterpiece VR

With a postgraduate year in both Art and IT, she  has found it natural to use one to inform or support the other. This has culminated in working in VR, combining both areas of interest. She owns an Oculus Rift but has used HTC Vive and Oculus Quest. 

She has worked on a series of projects in conjunction with Visioning Lab including 'Release' for Tatton Estate based on their Moth and Butterfly collection, 'Pandemonium' for West Park Museum in Macclesfield and her work is featured in 'Groups of People' for Salford Quays, Quays Culture 'Lightwaves' festival beginning December 6th to December 15th 2019.

Her commission by the Hamilton Project for the LIT Festival November 22nd-24th 2019 illustrated moments in the story of Gawain and the Green Knight and was presented in a booth in West Park, set up as a peep show and featured the music of Nicolas Lewis of 154 Collective.

She is currently working on creating designs for Manchester Museum which will be launched on February 13th 2020.





Jacki has created Immersive art experiences and visual stories throughout her professional life, most recently being 'Gawain and The Green Knight' 2019, a collaboration with the 154 Collective for the LIT Festival in Macclesfield which drawn in Virtual Reality and videoed. The 154 Collective then edited it and added the sound tracking. It was presented as part of the Gawain and Green Knight trail in West Park, Macclesfield in a booth as a 'peep show'.. the viewer had to peer through a drilled hole in order to see it.

 She conceived and created 'Whisper of Moths' 2019 in collaboration with IDST where recycled plastic 'moths' (created by local school children through workshops) were suspended in a church with fishing twine so that the light from the stained glass windows interacted with them. IDST put motion sensors in place so that a whispering sound track was triggered as people walked through and underneath.

 'En Nour' in 2018 was created for the Barnaby Arts Festival using the theme 'Roots/Routes' and used sketches, smell, found objects, assemblage and video incorporating recorded on site sound and early vr tiltbrush work to give a sensation of a sailing journey to the Scilly Isles.

She uses a broad range of media to deliver and in the last two years this has included VR and 360 video.



One of Jacki's degree specialisms was Printmaking and this is an area she still pursues today. She works in monotype and print, lino/relief, collagraph, engraving and etching. These often merge with the digital work and become part of the immersive installations.



Doodles and designs

All ideas begin as sketches, some are transient thoughts and observations captured, some evolve into visual stories and different media.



Projects and Events


17th -21st July 2019

A collaboration with Visioning Lab to create a VR /AR experience for visitors. Visitors will use the app created by Visioning Lab, the Pop Up View. to bring to life VR created butterflies and moths inspired by Tatton estate's own collection.


17th-21st July 2019

Selected to deliver 'Interference' designed by Julie Freeman at the Blue Dot Festival at Jodrell Bank. This is an immersive VR experience based on Pulsar radio waves


May 16th-June 16th 2019

Creator,curator and exhibitor. The 'Whisper of Moths' was originally a temporary immersive experience created for Chinese New Year celebrating Macclesfield's silk industry with China.It was commissioned by Macclesfield Town Council. Moths were created by local schoolchildren from recycled plastics and hung using fishing wire. Light and sound was then played through the hung moths using a Raspberry Pi and sensors (Nick Young)

This was in place for three hours.

Due to its success, it was requested that the experience was re exhibited and space was offered by Macclesfield Museums. It was revisited as an open exhibition using the theme of 'Whisper of Moths' and included work by Sabine Kussmaul, Jacki Clark, Loz Lees. Becca Smith, Lavinia Murray, Emma Lloyd and Nicola Carter.


13th August 2019

Curator, exhibitor. A community event which displays local artists work in luminous media. The community is invited in during the morning to create small canvasses from luminous stickers  and tape inspired by the artists work already displayed there. In the light the works are bland, pale but when the lights are switched in the afternoon they glow and take on a different character.



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