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About Jacki Clark Arts


My story....

back at school, art was all about the 'how' to make never the 'why'. This left a huge gap in my understanding and I'm sure there are many others who felt and still feel the same.

As an art teacher, the curriculum we were given to teach still emphasised the 'how', children were measured on their skills more than their understanding or ability to self express. It's not surprising that art is given so little value in education. Some consider it a 'making pretty stuff'. Decoration. And I get it- that's nice but not essential, is it?

 When a writer  writes a story or article, we connect to the content, not how it is communicated. It doesn't matter if the writer has poor handwriting skills. Or poor spelling. This can be overcome with using a computer to type and spell check. Obviously there is a need to learn how to communicate what you are saying clearly- the 'how' but the importance is the content. Art is a universal preverbal highly accessible language and emphasis should be on self expression, the story, the message. A means to express the invisible, the abstract, that for which there are no words. A way to understand the world around us. It's NOT about pretty pictures, it's about evoking and expressing emotions, sparking and sharing ideas, visions, and gaining insight into the human condition. 

This is so very valuable a means of communication, so powerful and in some cases, one of the only means that preverbal or people from different cultures can communicate with successfully. Think how powerful visual advertising is!

How then, is art not important? Why is it not properly explored in schools?

Teach children the importance of self expression.

Neuroaesthetics is a new science that proves the effect that art has on us; a rich multifaceted language that can change lives and why over thousands of years, it has been an essential factor for all cultures.

Exploring neuroaesthetics and neuroscience has not only deepened my understanding and informed both my personal artistic work but fuelled my desire to share with others the incredible power of art as a language.


Fine Art degree- Newcastle Upon Tyne 2:1

Postgraduate Art and IT MMU.

NLP Practitioner

CBT Practitioner

Art therapy

Autism Awareness level 2

Counselling Skills level 2

Recent commissions (AR/VR trails)

CNY Art trail- 2020/21/22/23 MTC

 Art trail 2022 S4A

Tunnicliffe Art trail 2021

Artwork -Prof Jacki Morie  2020/21

LiT 2019

Recent exhibitions/work selected.

Halloween-October/November 2023 San Diego

Relics- 2023

LumenArt 2023

XR show- Atlanta , Georgia 2021

VArt, Moscow 2021

When The World Takes A Breath 2020

XR show, San Diego 2020

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