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About Jacki Clark Arts


I am  JackiVR and Jacki Clark Arts is my portfolio .

 I paint virtual reality art inspired by glimpses of past, present and future;  often using water in my artwork, creating journeys and pathways that can be either real or metaphoric. 
I specialize in combining virtual reality elements with traditional art skills to continually try to push the boundaries and explore these amazing new virtual worlds. Images and videos are captured from within of the artwork  and this is what you will find here. I also use the platform Artivive to expand a selection of these images  into an Augmented Reality experience.


Fine Art degree- Newcastle Upon Tyne

Postgraduate Art and IT MMU.

Recent commissions (AR/VR trails)

CNY Art trail- 2020/21/22/23 MTC

 Art trail 2022 S4A

Tunnicliffe Art trail 2021

Artwork -Prof Jacki Morie  2020/21

LiT 2019

Recent exhibitions/work selected.

Relics- 2023

LumenArt 2023

XR show- Atlanta , Georgia 2021

VArt, Moscow 2021

When The World Takes A Breath 2020

XR show, San Diego 2020

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